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Analyst/ Senior Analyst

Department: Analytical Service Department

Location: Bangalore, Karnataka

Experience: 3-5 Years of relevant experience

Qualification: M.Sc.(Chemistry)

Required experience, skills, knowledge and characteristics:

  • Must have experience in GC Analysis and Trouble Shooting and Maintenance.
  • Well experienced in Analytical Method Development, Method Validation, Calibration of Analytical  Instruments and Troubleshooting of HPLC/ GC
  • Preparation of specifications and test procedures for raw materials, intermediates and Final products
  • Able to lead a group and work as an individual among the group
  • Knowledge about USP / EP general information and GLP practices
  • Preparation and execution of Method Validation Protocols for APIs and formulation products as per ICH guidelines.
Posted: Oct 14, 2019,
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