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Sequent Annual Report 16-17

Sequent Annual Report 16-17

Leading with Vision, Building with Passion.

2016-17 saw us taking our first steps towards our stated vision of becoming a world leader in pure-play animal health markets. Our product launches, plant approvals and plans for the demerger are helping us achieve our business vision. We are helping improve efficiency and farm productivity by providing innovative solutions to veterinarians. At the same time, we are building worldwide Our vision is to emerge as a leading integrated global animal health company, committed to quality veterinary solutions. We provide high-quality animal healthcare products that address people’s fundamental needs for nutrition and companionship. To create value for all. scale and nurturing a growing talent pool. Our portfolio of products, geographic reach, and R&D expertise are enabling us to remain ahead of the curve in a rapidly growing industry. We are leading with a vision across markets and building a future-focused animal health company with passion.

Posted: Aug 31, 2017,
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