Global Research and Development

Robust Global R&D Infrastructure

Our in-house API research capabilities span with a DSIR recognised R&D centre based out of Mangalore. The facility houses 100+ scientists operating out of eight laboratories with activities primarily around developing new products, improving existing products and expanding product applications. We continue to develop and enhance our product portfolio on the back of our technology and research development expertise.

Our Global Formulation R&D program comes to life with expansions and partnerships across the globe. Besides the API R&D centre in Mangalore, our formulations R&D centres based in Mumbai & Barcelona cater to EU, the US and other regulated markets while our Satellite Developments centres located in Istanbul(Turkey) and Sau Paulo(Brazil) provide development support to their respective local regions.

Working on dosage forms and therapies including both medicated feed & drugs to create a world class product portfolio catering to both companion and production animals

Key therapies: NSAIDs, Antibiotics, Anthelmintics, Vitamins, Prostaglandins, Hormonal amongst others

Major Dosage forms: Oral Solutions, Suspensions, Paste, WSP, Premix, Tablets, Injectibles Solutions & Suspensions amongst others

We have already commenced work for the construction of a Global R&D centre based in India to cater to future development